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FANUC parts specialists to the CNC machine tools industry since 1992 (DNC catalogues). DNC offers wide range of CNC services for machine tools. Supporting maintenance and service engineers, end users from large companies, machine tool manufacturers, and small specialist CNC machinists. DNC currently offer CNC parts exchange, repair service to 85+ countries around the world.Exchange / repair warranties are now 180 days, 12 months warranty on new power supply units new Fanuc motors. 2 year warranty on colour Replacement CNC Monitors. Free Troubleshooting Advice, if we can be off help!

Fanuc Parts Exchange. 24 Hour Repair / Same Day Possible

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Several thousand FANUC PARTS in stock, and thousands of CNC parts for Siemens, General Electric and CNC parts from a mass of other CNC manufacturers and CNC machine tools. Mainly DNC support Drives, Axis, Servo, Spindle Units from Fanuc, GE, GE Fanuc, limited stocks of Siemens and others, Control systems and boards from Fanuc, GE, GE Fanuc, Siemens, etc. CNC motors, mostly Fanuc AC Motors, though some stocks of Siemens motors and GE motors are available. Call or Email US.

We are an Independent Company. We are not affiliated to: Fanuc, or any companies products. All trademarks are acknowledged.
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