FANUC ALPHA Module & Units. Click here if you require older non ALPHA series FANUC drives. DNC currently stocks over 1000 ALPHA amplifiers ; either SERVO, SPINDLE and POWER SUPPLY.

Knowledge and experience of working on this generation of drive gained over the last 20 years. Backed by custom built FANUC TEST RIGS utilising TYPE A, B, FSSB interface. Ranging from early E series alpha servo amplifiers built in 1994 thru to ai series drives currently being fitted onto machines today.

DNC offers ALPHA testing facilities for SVU, SVM, SVMC, SPM, SPMC, PSM, PSMR, SVMi, SPMi, PSMi, aiSP, aiSV, aiPS, biSV, biSVSP. This section is broken down by the type of ALPHA module. If you require BETA modules go to the ALPHA / BETA link on the top menu. Any problems call us!