Fanuc Beta unit. Many variations of BETA amplifier units in the guise of β small amps for additional machine tool applications via PWM / FSSB or I/O link interface in the 1st generation. Then BETA become more popular in the 613x series of BETA units. With 6130 single axis series being the standard βi similar to run with the later 30i/31i control systems as a smaller axis. 6136 being the dual axis standard FSSB. 6132 series being the new BETA I/O Link version taking over from the 6093-H15x / H17x I/O-link versions. Onto the more popular 6134 series combo amplifiers which combine either a dual or triple axis servo with a built in spindle amp of 5.5 / 11 / 15kW rating for lower end machine tools. Followed by the later 6164 series of BETA biSVSP amp which adds more power ratings taking the spindle to 18kW and more powerful axis control for larger BETA motors than the 6134 series. Contact DNC for more information.

Original price was: £5,000.00.Current price is: £4,400.00.