FANUC controls and system boards dating back to 1980 are supplied. Repair and tested on our custom FANUC systems with FANUC drives and FANUC motors in most cases if required. FANUC and GE Fanuc series control systems, are available at DNC including the 0-series the biggest selling control system series by any manufacturer in the history of CNC computer NC numerical control. Supported are control boards and pcbs from the following system series Fanuc 0A, 0B, 0C, 0M, 0T, 0-Mate, 00M, 00T, 3M, 3T, 3TF, 5, 6M, 6T, 6MB, 6TB, 10M, 10T, 10MA, 10MF, 10TA, 10TF, 10TTF, 11M, 11T, 11MA, 11MF, 11TA, 11TF, 11TTF, 15M, 15T, 15MA, 15TA, 15MF, 15TF, 16MA, 16MB, 16MC, 16TA, 16TB, 16TC, 18MA, 18MB, 18MC, 18TA, 18TB, 18TC, 21i-TA, 21TB. Boards from these systems include GE Fanuc master boards, memory, graphics, axis, i-o, rom, pmc, fapt, add. axis, option and operator pcbs. Click on the following link for a list of FANUC control boards.

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