fanuc parts

FANUC of Japan and GE FANUC a collaboration between FANUC and GE of America. DNC support FANUC parts made under either brand for CNC machines.

FANUC as of 2018 are the largest global manufacturer of Factory Automation (FA). With its history starting back in the 50’s it’s founder produced the first NC back in 1956. Releasing their first CNC in 1972. The rest is history with the installation of millions of CNC controls in machine tools eclipsing all competitors.

At DNC we have been involved with supplying FANUC parts and repairing various FANUC products since the mid eighties when our founder as a CNC service engineer started taking back the OEM parts after working at a customers factory to repair. Reducing costs of repair and the time to get parts repair. The philosophy has stuck. DNC not only have tens of thousands of FANUC parts for immediate service exchange, we also have access to a group wide inventory of FANUC and GE FANUC parts spanning the last 35 years.

Further we have networks of contacts of CNC service engineers whom roam the UK and further afield whom can assist in the repair of your machine tool. Obviously there will always be times when the only option will be the OEM themselves; but for the other times due to wanting to save money or time then we are consistently strong option to both small SME’s, service engineers, and large manufacturers.

Current stock levels are not published online yet. This is changing slowly.

A run down of what DNC offers for your FANUC controlled CNC machine tool:

  • FANUC Drives: Servo units, Spindle units, Axis units
  • FANUC Alpha Modules: Power Supply, Servo Amplfiier, Spindle Amplifier module.
  • FANUC BETA units: Servo unit, biSVSP / SVMP
  • FANUC Control PCB: System 0, 3, 6, 10, 11, 15, 16, 18, 21
  • FANUC Motors: Servo and Spindle models (new, refurb and exchange).
  • FANUC Power Supply Units: Over 50 different psu’s in stock.
  • FANUC Monitors: Most CRT’s in stock, replacement LCD panels, rebuild
  • FANUC Accessories: 100’s of batteries, fuses, connectors, fans, transistors.


DNC primarily supplies FANUC CNC parts be it electronics or mechanical to England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, N. Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Norway, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Singapore, China and the rest of Asia, Oceania, Middle East and Africa.

For customers from Deutschland, France, Nederlands, Italia, Belgium, Denmark, Polan, Hungary, Switzerland, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Rep., Greece please click here to visit our German agent.

For customers from US, Canada, Mexico and other Central and South American countries looking for Fanuc parts and services please click here to visit our US agent.