Fanuc motors are the engine of numerous CNC machine tools throughout the world. Powered by partnered drives and controlled by FANUC CNC controls. With millions of Fanuc motors out in the field; DNC have designed our own motor section covering 2000sq feet of testing facilities, cleaning, paint room, and all the space required to strip and rebuild the largest of FANUC AC spindle motors down to model a1/3000 ALPHA servo motors.

Capable of testing nearly all FANUC AC, DC (yellow cap), ALPHA and BETA series motors. Offering rebuild, rewind, refurbishment and repair of damaged motors, due to liquids, corrosion, bad bearings, encoder faults. The only part of a motor that DNC cannot as yet sort out is a snapped or damaged shaft (rotor), though we are looking into it. Click on the following links if you require a FANUC drive or ALPHA module, BETA unit. Our current product capabilities are DC axis motor (M series), AC and AC S / L / R series servo motors. Onto later models of ALPHA, aM, aC, BETA, ai, aiS and -B geneations. Lastly the AC spindle motor from old black cap AC, red cap AC, S, P series and ALPHA, ai, and BETA i spindle models. Common motor failures

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