FANUC Exchange


What’s the point of FANUC exchange ?

Save you time and get your machine back up running in the shortest time; and save money in comparison to the OEM.

How does exchange work ?

Its a swap of working part for a faulty identical part. We supply you a refurbished or new Fanuc device or motor and you ship back the faulty part in economically repairable and NON interfered condition.

How much can I save with FANUC exchange ?

Depends on the unit, in some cases upto 80%; especially on the older(rarer) drives that the OEM demands astronomical amounts in some cases leading to the scrapping of the machine.

Exchange is available for parts in stock that we currently offer testing and repair facilities for. Contact us now for your Fanuc CNC part exchange requirements. Savings can be as much as 80% lower than the OEM price.

As a result to obtain cheaper pricing, then you order an exchange device from us refurbished or new exchange part. Either us supplying you first usually charging a deposit which is refunded on receipt of an 1. economocally repairable; 2. NON interfered with; 3. Complete indentical part in good aesthetic condition. Or you ship your part to us for upfront exchange inspection. All parts must be in the condition as noted above to be accepted for exchange.

Not sure whether you need an exchange part, then please find the relevant fault codes and consult our Fanuc alarm pages or contact us.

If you know your part is burnt out, messed around with or missing parts then send it in for test/inspection and either a repair with warranty will be offered. However if your part is in really bad condition repair without warranty maybe an option or outright sale of a replacement part as a solution.

a06B-6111-h015, fanuc exchange a06b-6064-h301 a06b-0227-b501 fanuc-system-0c
FANUC Alpha Exchange Modules
Fanuc Drive Exchange
Fanuc Motor Exchange
Fanuc Control PCB Exchange
Fanuc Monitor Mono CRT Exchange
Fanuc Power Supply Exchange

By chance if you can’t find a Fanuc part your looking for, please contact us becuase we have lots of unlisted stock. Either contact us by phone, email or use the contact form on the site or the quote form to the right on this page.