Need a FANUC repair ? Offering 24 hour turnaround on Fanuc repair as standard and same day repairs also possible. How can we do this because at DNC we are Fanuc specialists with our experienced engineers doing GE Fanuc repairs and testing facilities spread across our premises. Continually developing more rigs for testing and offering Fanuc repairs of parts we do not have available as service exchange.

fanuc repair control systemsfanuc motor repairfanuc drive repairsfanuc servo spindle repair
Fanuc System Repair
  • Fanuc Main Board
  • Fanuc Axis PCB
  • Fanuc Graphics Boards
  • Fanuc I/O Board
  • Fanuc Memory Boards
  • Fanuc Panel Op. Opt.
  • Series 6, 10, 11, 15, 16/18, 21
  • Series 0A, 0B, 0C, 0i
  • Series 16i, 18i, 21i
Fanuc Monitor Repair
  • Fanuc CRT/MDI Rebuild
  • Fanuc LCD/MDI Repair
  • Fanuc PDP/MDI Refurb
Fanuc Power Supply Unit Repairs
  • Fanuc I/P Unit
Fanuc Alpha Repairs
  • Fanuc Alpha Servo Modules
  • Fanuc Alpha Servo Unit
  • Fanuc Alpha Spindle Module
  • Fanuc Alpha Power Supply
  • Fanuc αiSP / SPMi
  • Fanuc αiSV / SVMi
  • Fanuc αiPS / PSMi
Fanuc Alpha Motor Repair
  • Fanuc Alpha Servo Motors
  • Fanuc αi Servo Motor
  • Fanuc Alpha Spindle Motors
Fanuc Drives Repair
  • Fanuc AC Axis Drive
  • Fanuc DC VDU (M Series)
  • Fanuc Servo Drives
  • Fanuc Spindle Drive Units
  • Fanuc Drive Boards
Fanuc Motor Repair (AC / DC)
  • Fanuc AC Servo Motor
  • Fanuc AC Spindle Motor
  • Fanuc Encoder / Pulse
  • Fanuc DC Servo Motor
Fanuc Beta Repairs
  • Fanuc Beta Servo Unit
  • Fanuc βiSV Repair
  • Fanuc βiSVSP
Fanuc Beta Motor Repair
  • Fanuc β Servo Motor

Fanuc electronic repairs are warrantied for 180 days from the date of shipment. Except refurbished CRT/MDI panels, and LCD, LCD/MDI rebuilds which can carry a 12 month or 2 year warranty. Fanuc motors regardless of repair always carry a 12 month warranty. Some parts are not repairable by DNC Electronics; among them are later generation pulse coders, tacho generators, resolvers and consumable parts. We hear and read of many companies offering to repair Fanuc encoders. Specifically absolute, serial, ALPHA then when we ask them; the offer dissipates into hot air. If you reckon you can we have hundreds, get in contact.

Physically damaged or third party modified PCBs (printed circuit board) may not be repairable. Only our best possible effort will be attempted and the FANUC repair may not be covered by any warranty. Warranty cover for parts in such condition is on a case by case basis.

Motors are quoted on a case by case basis after the repair inspection and assessment is completed. There is a nominal charge for motor repair, drive repair, system repair estimates, to cover labour, etc if the job is not approved. Of course this is included in the repair cost.

DNC Repair Turnaround Times

As stated above our normal turnaround time is 24 hours assuming that due to the size or state of the part that its physically not possible. With prior warning on parts such as FANUC drives, FANUC control pcbs or FANUC motors then we can test usually within an hour or two of arrival. Testing and proving faults (or not) and dependent on complexity of fault and no EXCHANGE parts being available for immediate pickup or shipping. Same day repair is possible assuming still in the morning to allow time for repair and testing before our various shipping cut-off. SAME DAY repairs are possible with prior arrangement.

If you are not sure of the faults displayed on your FANUC controlled CNC machine tool consult our FANUC Alarms index page for information. Or contact us via phone, email or our live chat link when we are open and we will point you in the correct direction.