Fanuc Spares

FANUC Spares

As Europe’s leading independent FANUC spares specialists. Being a non authorised supplier of Fanuc CNC hardware components, electronic devices allows us unlimited freedom to offer obsolete used and new Fanuc spares surplus too customes money saving exchange needs. Listed below is a small collection of what DNC carry in stock.

10% Discount on Fanuc spares listed below:

Most importantly the parts listed on this page carry at least a 10% discount on our normal outright sale price for NEW or Refurbished Fanuc spares. Resultingly, if prices are beyond what you wish to pay; then search for the part above. Moreover if no prices listed then contact us for prices on exchange stock, repair, clean inspect and testing. Our ex-stock levels change weekly and stocks are correct at the time of publishing. Too ensure parts are still in stock and available to purchase as spares; please call or email us. We have thousands of exstock spares available for outright sale.

Fanuc Drives Surplus:
AC and DC axis drives, servo amplifier units, and serial and digital spindle servo units. Also Fanuc drive boards are available surplus ex-stock fully tested on Fanuc drives.

Fanuc Alpha Modules spares:
Alpha servo modules & units, spindle power modules and power supplies, as well variants such as the C series servo & spindle, and R series power module, and lastly HV (high voltage).

Fanuc ai Modules surplus:
Very limited stocks of Alpha ‘i’ modules available for outright sale, however there are some new aiSV modules, aiSP and aiPS modules that we have too much off.

Fanuc Motor Spares:
Collection of Fanuc motors from over 35 years. Though our stock available for outright sale is less than a 10th of our stocks available exchange, etc. You’ll find we have a heck of a lot of AC & Alpha servo motors, DC yellow cap, and red cap spindle motors from AC, Alpha, ai generations. All motors listed below are BRAND NEW MOTORS. We also have refurb motors available for most of these at considerable savings if exchange!

Fanuc Control Spares:
Including Fanuc 3, 6, 10, 11, OM, OT, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 16i / 18i / 21i control boards and parts, including surplus master main pcb surplus, memory, keyboard and panels, and much more.

Fanuc PSU Surplus:
Power supply units from main system units through to input output power supply, graphics section power supply on the CRT/MDI; and input power units. DNC carry substantial quantities of power supplies.

FANUC Monitors & Displays:
CRT displays, CRT/MDI units, LCD/MDI panels, PDP units and standalone CRT, LCD and PDP monitors.

Fanuc Miscellaneous Spares:
Other Fanuc spares are surplus to our current requirements including smaller transformers, reactors and line filters, fuses, fans, batteries, transistors and membranes.

The parts above are available to buy online by UK buyers only due to customs and duty concerns. We do supply Fanuc spares throughout the world. Please contact us and we will happily assist. Contact us on +44 1793615356 or email us.