Identifying Fanuc Part Numbers

Identifying Fanuc Part Numbers

 Need some help identifying what part you have?


Fanuc part numbers start with A and are made up of twelve digits. These are broken up into three blocks of four letters.

  • Some finish with a # on the end followed by three digits. This relates to the software in the drive.
  • Some part numbers have a / followed by 3 digits. These three digits relate to the version/revision of the PCB.
A02B-0###-C###Fanuc MDI/CRT, Fanuc MDI, FANUC MDI/LCD, Operators, Complete CNC Control and Drive Systems.
A03B-08##-C###Fanuc I/O modules full size and half size.
A06B-####-B###Fanuc Motors
A06B-6###-H###Fanuc Drives
A06B-6070-H###Fanuc Alpha Module
A06B-6110-H###Fanuc Alpha i Modules
A13B-0###-####Fanuc Tapereaders
A14B-####-####Fanuc Power Supply Units and Input Power Units
A16B-####-####Fanuc Control & Drive Boards and PSU
A20B-####-####Fanuc Drive, System and Power supply pcbs
A50L-0001-0###Fanuc Drive Transistor Modules.
A60L-0001-0###Fanuc Fuse
A61L-0001-00##Fanuc Monitors
A63L-0001-0###Fanuc Connectors, and Sockets
A80L-0001-0###Fanuc Transformers
A86L-0001-0###Fanuc Keyboards and Soft-key
A87L-0001-0###Fanuc Memory
A98L-0001-0###Fanuc Membranes and Fanuc Batteries
A98L-0031-0###Fanuc Batteries
A290-05##-V###Fanuc encoder by internal fanuc number
A860-0###-T###Fanuc Encoders
A860-0###-T###Fanuc Tapereaders
N860-####-####Fanuc Keyboards

Locating FANUC Part Numbers

Don’t know the part number of the part you need replaced or repaired? Take a look at our guide below.

Identifying FANUC parts


NB: Locating fanuc part numbers ? This guide is not definitive and the part number may not always be where stated below. Please contact us if you require further assistance.

Series 0A/B/C/D, 10, 11, 12, 15AThe part number is located along the top edge of the Mother Board
Series 16A/B/C, 18A/B/C, 20A, 21A/B and 15B  + Powermate Series ControlsThe part number is located along the right hand side of the plastic chasis
Series 16i, 18i, 21i controls.The part number is located on the plastic cover on the back of the CRT/MDI unit
Servo and Spindle DrivesFor those drives with the exposed circuit boards, the number is on the bottom of the Amplifer
For the Fanuc C series ( yellow cap)The part number is located on the right side of the case
For the Fanuc Alpha Series PSM, SPM, SVMThe part number is located on the bottom of the front panel.
Fanuc Beta DrivesThe part numbers are located on the back panel of the unit
System P Model G and PG mateThe part number is located on the back panel
CNC MonitorsFanuc Monitors:  14 & 12 inch monitors: The part number sticker is usually found on the inside bottom panel and on the outside of left or right hand metal frame of all the other manufacturers that we deal with.

Sometimes the part number is obscured by the MDI framing which holds the CNC monitor in place either on a tray (Fanuc / Mazak), in a cage (Siemens) or bolted into the front (Fanuc, Hitachi, Heidenhain, etc.

Circuit BoardsThe 12 digit part number is often printed in yellow on the green part of the circuit board. If the prefix is A320 or A350 then the number will be on the other side of the PCB.

For PCBs that mount to a master PCB or backplane PCB, the part number will often be on a white barcode sticker stuck to the top of a yellow plastic frame on the PCB.


DNC Electronic’s Guide to Pallet Shipping

Shipping via freight is the easiest way to transport larger items. But whilst pallet shipping is a pretty safe method of transporting items there is still the risk of damage or loss if the pallet used is inadequate for the weight and size of the load, or should you not have secured the load properly.

In order to make sure that your goods arrive safely we have put together some tips on preparing a pallet for shipment.

Pallet shipping multiple boxes

  1. Choose the correct pallet for the job. Make sure this is big enough and nothing overhangs.
  2. Ensure your goods are packed properly ( See the article on How to Ship CNC Parts )
  3. If you are stacking multiple boxes on the pallet ensure that all the items are stacked with the lighter boxes on the top. Align the boxes in columns to shape a square. Stack closely together.
  4. To decrease friction use linear paper directly on the pallet and under the load. Use top and bottom load protector pads to protect damage to the top or bottom of the shipment.
  5. Securely fix the shipment to the pallet, shipments can be secured using shrink-wrap, banding or spray adhesive.
  6. Ensure that the shipping labels are visible and are placed on the side of the shipment. You can use labels to identify the type of freight and any handling instructions.

Pallet shipping crates

  1. Crates are a good alternative option to using boxes, just ensure these are secured and labelled as per Steps 5 & 6 above, and the crates are banded to the pallet. Ensure that the crate is of adequate strength for the item it is carrying.

Pallet shipping big spindle motors

  1. These should be secured to a wooden pallet, be careful to avoid overhang.
  2. If possible you can build a protective wooden frame around the item. Use additional padding to protect any sharp edges which may be exposed.
  3. Blocking material can be used to brace the items against the pallet so they remain fixed in transit.
  4. Use strapping to secure.
  5. Ensure that the shipping labels are visible and are placed on the side of the shipment. You can use labels to identify the type of freight and any handling instructions.


Boxes on shipping pallets

Pallet shipping shrink wrapped




How to ship CNC parts: 7 Steps

Fragile handle with Care

Do you know how to ship CNC parts safely? Or do you encounter a large number of damages to goods in transit?

We may rely on courier companies to handle packages marked fragile with care but ultimately it is up to us to ensure that they get packed in a way that protects them from the knocks and bangs they will experience whilst in transit.

Not taking the time to pack things properly can result in damaged goods and also in more costly delays. When time is of the essence this is the last thing you need.

DNC has in excess of 20 years experience of shipping to their customers worldwide via various methods. In order to give you some tips on how to best ship your CNC parts, we have put together the below guide.

How to Ship CNC Parts: 7 Steps

  1. For smaller CNC parts such as drives and controls choose an adequate box and wrap your part in bubble wrap. (Don’t use polystyrene “packing peanuts” or other types of loose-fill packaging as they create static electricity and won’t keep your device from sliding around.) The tighter the better so use the right size box for the size. Use a new or a decent quality box. Either a single ( Light and Small), a dual (Medium size 45*45*40) or tri-ply corrugated design ( Large and Heavy, 60*50*30 for 30kg+).  The latter is more suitable for delicate amplifiers with open frames.   Seal the box with tape using the H method. Always use a tape designed for the packing ensure the box will remain closed.
  2. Place the box with the part inside a larger box adding filler such as packing peanuts or bubble wrap. This is to ensure that the box with the part in doesn’t move. If shipping a heavy item use bubble wrap rather than peanuts. This will offer your package more protection should something heavy get placed on your box during transit. Seal the box with tape. Note: Big spindle motors are best shipped via pallet only.
  3. Ensure that you tape up the bottom of the box as you don’t want your item falling out the bottom!
  4. If the box requires opening a specific way up, ensure that this gets marked on the box.
  5. For fragile items mark ‘fragile’ on the box.
  6. Make sure you have included all the necessary paperwork, for both shipping purposes and for us. Unfortunately, neither ourselves or the couriers have yet mastered the art of mind reading so this will prevent any untimely delays.
  7. Lastly, always make sure you have adequate insurance and that you insure your goods for the full replacement value (or for the exchange credit). Just remember if an item isn’t packaged properly, the courier will be within their rights to refuse any claim.