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Handy Tech Guides

DNC has over the years amassed a lot of useful information and many tech guides . Much of this we are happy to provide to our customers . Information covers a multitude of subjects including maintanence, servicing, education and  training.

All of these guides will be available to download or or print from our website. If there is something specific you need information on please do not hesitate to contact us.

CRT Monitors superior to LCD displays

CRT Monitors superior to LCD displays.   It is a misconception to think that CRT monitors are inferior to LCD display technology. CRT is an acronym for cathode ray tubes. Certainly an older, and technically inferior product regarding resolution/refresh rates. CRT were normally fitted with analogue electronics (chassis), for digital systems LCD screens is necessary. […]

Common Reasons for Fanuc Motor Failures

Common FANUC motor failures The top eight common reasons for Fanuc Motor Failures. Electrical Over time components break down. Therefore broken or faulty connections, short wiring etc. can be an issue. Electronic Encoder faults, memory battery failure, faulty components on the PCB. Liquid ingression due to coolants, oil, fluids and waters. Moisture and Dirt Contamination […]