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Handy Tech Guides

DNC has over the years amassed a lot of useful information and many tech guides . Much of this we are happy to provide to our customers . Information covers a multitude of subjects including maintanence, servicing, education and  training.

All of these guides will be available to download or or print from our website.

Identifying Fanuc Part Numbers

Need some help identifying what part you have?   Fanuc part numbers start with A and are made up of twelve digits. These are broken up into three blocks of four letters. Some finish with a # on the end followed by three digits. This relates to the software in the drive. Some part numbers […]

Locating Part Numbers

Don’t know the part number of the part you need replaced or repaired? Take a look at our guide below. NB: This guide is not definitive and the part number may not always be where stated below. Please contact us if you require further assistance. Series 0A/B/C/D, 10, 11, 12, 15A The part number is […]