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A86L-0001-0111 Fanuc MDI/CRT or MDI keyboard, normally placed with the 9" CRT mono monitors, namely the 0079, 0086 monochrome's. The A86L-0001-0111 was the large rectangular MDI keyboard from the Fanuc 10M, 10MA, 10T, 10TA and the 11M, 11MA, 11T, 11TA and fitted a range of the 0481 membrane series. In stock and available for immediate service exchange to anywhere in the Europe or the world via our independant Fanuc agents. The Fanuc soft key keyboard A86L-0001-0111 was made by Fijitsu under licence for Fanuc and GE Fanuc. Surplus A86L-0001-0111 spares are sometimes available, though our main stock is for Exchange purposes, we can also repair A86L-0001-0111 keyboards - call for Prices - Warranty is 12 months !

a86l00010111 fanuc 10ma 11m keyboard pcb

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fanuc a86l-0001-0111 mdi key pcb
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