Fanuc Encoder, Pulse Coder Unit

Fanuc Encoder unit from various serious on from the M series. DNC supports the following types of encoders: DC pancake style encoders, AC pulse coder unit such as black plastic type incremental, absolute (2000p, 2500p, 3000p) and Serial A and Serial C type encoders. As well the red metal encoders fitted on small 2-0, 1-0, 2-0S, 1-0S type motors. Onto the red plastic encoders fitted onto later AC red cap motors and S series servo motors with newer incremental and ABS, as well serial A & C and the hi-res 10000p encoders. Moving onwards DNC also carry redcap encoder for the ALPHA series such as the aI64 (incremental) and the aA64 (absolute) and variations of the standard Fanuc encoder fitted. Lastly the current ai and bi encoders such as the aI1000i, aA1000i, and the bI128i which are fited on the 006x/007x/008x and the A06B-02xx series of FANUC AC servo motors.

Note: BETA encoders before the bi series were not ordered separate to motors and are part of the motor, hence the glut in stock of certain BETA motors with ABS feedback worldwide.

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