Fanuc Series 15

Fanuc Series 15 Control or the FS-15 series of main connection (backplane) boards, that allow the peripheral cards that actually are the sub systems and via the bus are the complete system together. Fanuc 15 control boards include single, dual and quad channel driver axes boards, mono and colour graphic and I/O boards, as well as utilising the same Yellow I/O PLC rack and units as the system 11 and 12 control systems, power supply units, further the Fanuc 15 rely’s on Base boards with varying amounts of RAM. Base 0, Base 1, Base 2 and Fanuc 15 detector boards, serial and analogue detectors for huge machine tool configurations and other Fanuc 15 parts such as keyboards and membranes for the various Fanuc 15 MDI/CRT and operator panels assuming they are GE Fanuc or Fanuc. Fanuc 15 controls, include the Fanuc 15A, 15-B, 15-MB, 15-TB, 15M, 15T, 15P, 15G.

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