Fanuc Alpha Spindle Amplifier Module Alarm, Error Codes

Fanuc Alpha Spindle Module Alarms for SPM series: A06B-6078, A06B-6082, A06B-6088, A06B-6092, A06B-6102, A06B-6104.

fanuc spindle alarm alpha
FANUC alpha spindle modules: check the STATUS for error or alarm numbers.

Please contact us if you need testing, a repair or an exchange part. For a full listing of all the FANUC a SPM modules that we support visit our dedicated Fanuc Alpha Spindle Amplifier Module Page. 

Alarm CodeDescription of Error
Not Ready
0Control Ready
1Motor Overheat
2Excessive Speed Error
3Fuse on DC Link Blown
4Input Fuse/ Power Fault
5Power Supply Fuse Blown
8High Voltage Power Input
9Overheat Main Circuit
10Low voltage Input Power
11Overvoltage in Power Circuit
12Overcurrent in Power Circuit
13Data Memory Fault CPU
15SP Switch Control Alarm
16RAM Fault
18Suncheck Error PGM Data
19EX Offset Current U
20EX Offset Current V
24Serial Transfer Error
25Serial Transfer Stop
26Disconnect C Velocity Detect
27Pulsecoder Disconnected
28Disconnnect C-Pos Detect
29Shorttime overload
31Motor Lock or V Sig Lost
32Ram Fault Serial LSI
33Shortage Power Charge
34Parameter Setting
35Ex Setting Gear
36Overflow Error Counter
37Speed Detect Par. Error
391-Rot Cs Signal Detect
40No 1 Rot Cs Signal Detect
411-Rot Position Coder Error
42No 1 Rot. Position Coder Detect
43Disconnect PC for Dif SP Mod
44Control Circuit (AD) Error
46Screw 1-Rot Position Coder Alarm
47Position Coder Signal Abnormal
49High Conv. Diff. Speed
50Spindle Control Over Speed
51Low Voltage DC Link
52ITP Signal Abnormal 1
53ITP Signal Abnormal 2
56Inner Cooling Fan Stop
57Ex Deceleration Power
58Overload in PSM
59Cooling Fan Stopped in PSM
66Communication Alarm between Spindle and Amplifier
69Safety Speed Exceeded
70Abnormal Axis Data
71Abnormal Safety Parameter
72Motor Speed Mismatch
73Motor Sensor Disconnected
74CPU Test Alarm
75CRC Test Alarm
76Safety Function Not Executed
77Axis Number Mismatch
78Safety Parameter Mismatch
79Abnormal Initial Test Operation
81Motor Sensor one-rotation signal detection error
82Motor Sensor one-rotation signal not detected
83Motor Sensor Signal Error
84Spindle Sensor Disconnected
85Spindle Sensor one-rotation signal detection error
86Spindle Sensor one-rotation signal not detected
87Spindle Sensor Signal Error
88Cooling Fan on the radiator stopped