• Exchange KF-M7099Y in stock
  • DNCKF92 with 2 year Warranty
  • Fitted with 0-B, 0MB, 0TB
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Matsushita KF-M7099Y monitors. Due to it being part of the following systems FANUC 0B, 0PB, 0MB, 0TB, 0GB, 0P4B controls. DNC has been offering either an Exchange option or new equivalent replacement since 1999. Here are is your choices:

The exchange monitor is a completely refurbished OEM monochrome 9″ CRT, tested and supplied with a 180 day warranty. Refurbished by DNC means fitted with new CRT tube, chassis and metal cleaned, repaired and tested on our FANUC rigs.
DNCKF92 is our 9 inch LED replacement equivalent display. DNC has offered many variants of the DNC KF92 over the last 18 years starting with our own in house developed CRT replacement. The first in the world outside of Fanuc’s OEM efforts. Designed the circuit’s, made the pcb then populated it, etc. Moving on DNC were an early adopter of LCD technology for the colour 9″ and 12″ CRT replacements due to a reliable source of the scarce CRT tubes of them respective sizes. Now DNC are offering the latest guise of the DNCKF92 – LED using the latest technology with every one after being built getting tested on one of the above Fanuc controls, too make sure you have no problems on installation.
So order the Exchange KF-M7099Y with 180 day warranty too keep your costs down, or a new DNCKF92 CRT based with 1 year warranty exchange or the DNC KF92 LED for a 2 year warranty outright or exchange.

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