• TX1425B Monitor for Hitachi
  • Same Day Test, 24 hour rebuild possible
  • Fault diagnosis, testing on DNCTX25
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Matsushita TX-1425B rebuilds in 24 hours. We at DNC have rebuild the TX1425B monitor for the Hitachi control systems since 1999. This monitor is a 14 in colour CRT display for Hitachi Seicos control system built under licence by Matsushita of Japan. We take the original 14 inch monitor; strip the CRT tube and the chassis out and clean the metal. Reusing the metalwork and fitting our proprietary display system; we offer a very sharp LED backlit display system in place. Featuring the latest technology; not 2nd hand after market panels that are glued into place with a hope and prayer they may last longer than a 30 or 90 day warranty.

The original monitor TX-1425B becomes a DNC25 after its retrofit with us and we give a 2 year warranty on the built. Please call or email for any further assistance regarding TX-1425B options.

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