• MDT1216 Rebuild done same day
  • Mazatrol M1 / T1
  • 2 year warranty on DNC M16
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Mitsubishi MDT1216 monitor. The MDT-1216 monitor was built under license to the Mazak / Yamazaki corporation, run upon Mazatrol (Mitsubishi) control system.

Originally fitted on M1, T1 Mazatrol control systems. DNC offers the DNCM16 which is a rebuild using the existing metalwork. We have been building CRT replacements for these monitors for the last 21 years at DNC. We have since moved on and now rebuild with the very latest LED technologies and our solution is to fit into your existing metalwork. Hence no issues with fitting the monitor back into the machine.

The Mitsubishi OEM monitor is a 12″ colour CRT monochrome with an amber screen, which our DNC M16 replaces. The DNCM16 comes with a 2 year warranty.

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