NEC NL6448AC30-10

  • DNC offer ex stock NL6448AC30-10
  • 10.4″ LCD Colour Panel.
  • 12 Month Warranty.



NEC NL6448AC30-10 LCD panels are available (assuming currently in stock) from DNC. These NEC panels were used in many of Fanucs and other manufacturers LCD displays.

DNC offers NL6448AC3010 10.4 inch colour panels with a 12 month warranty. However we also offer a rebuild service for the Fanuc LCD, LCD/MDI unit or panel with the suspected faulty display section. Whether it be the LCD panel, backlight, inverter or the Fanuc graphic controller pcb fitted on the back of the panel. DNC should be able to help.

If we can offer the replacement solution then it carries a 2 year warranty and will be backed up for at least a decade.

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