• 6FC39887AF01 Replacement in stock
  • LED based DNC3988
  • 2 Year warranty – LED monitors only.

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Siemens 6FC3988-7AF01 replacements have been built by DNC since 1998. DNC were the first CNC electronics company to design and build a successful replacement for this Siemens 9″ monochrome monitors, and which other companies have tried to copy, unsuccessfully.

DNC originally started developing a CRT replacement in 1995, in which we designed and manufactured our own circuit from scratch. Due to the decreasing availability of CRT tubes, we moved onto LCD using our proprietary system. The metal framework is identical to the original for the controls it was fitted on 3M, 3T, 8M, 8T, 810M, 810T controls. DNC offer in-house built replacement equivalent LCD display in the correct sized metalwork and connectors. 2 year warranty on the LED replacement equivalent as pictured. Our stocks of our CRT version are now depleted and the unit is discontinued.

6FC3988-7AF01 equivalent replacement’s whether LCD version is known by our customers as the DNC3988 always in stock ready to ship anywhere in the world.

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