• 12″ colour MAC 3212 Rebuild
  • Same Day test and rebuild possible
  • Fault diagnosis, testing on DNC 3212
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Siemens MAC3212 monitor rebuild service. DNC and its partners have been offering CRT rebuilds of this monitor since 2005. Due to the limited examples of this monitors fitted on machines, we only offer rebuild service. We offer same day at no extra cost (as long as the original monitor arrives in the AM) and standard is 24 hour turnaround on MAC 3212 rebuilds.

Utilising the original framework ensures there are no issues with fitting the display back into its rightful position. We originally started with CRT builds, then moved to LCD and then onto the latest of LED technology available. This is not a cheap system that has no decent viewing angles or has issues with compatibility. From that point on the monitor is named the DNC 3212 and we ship it back tested with a 2 year warranty.

DNC 3212 monitors are second to none – you will know this if you get a replacement monitor from any other source.

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