• Replacement D9CM01A in stock
  • Fanuc 9 inch colour CRT equiv.
  • 2 Year warranty on DNC 95T

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Toshiba D9CM-01A replacements have been built by DNC since 2005. DNC were one of the first CNC electronics company to design and build a successful replacement for this 9″ colour CRT monitor fitted into Fanuc CRT/MDI units.  Such as the 18-T controlling a Hardinge SG-42. This is not a kit we ship its a complete LED based monitor in the correct size, shape and correctly specified connectors to connect to your Fanuc graphics board and get power terminals.

The D9CM01A equivalent replacement known by our customers and us as the DNC95T is POA. Our DNC95T is always in stock and ready to ship today with a 2 year warranty. We also offer the keyboard, colour graphic card and power supply which accompany this display in the CRT/MDI panel. The OEM was originally fitted in series 0-C, 15, and early 16, 18 controls.

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