• 20 Way connector (Male)
  • MR-20L Slant Back case
  • MR-20LW Rectangular case

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Honda MR-20M connector. DNC offer MR20M male innards either with the standard slant back case or the rectangular case denoted by MR-20L or MR-20LW respectively. The MR20M, MR-20F family were used for connecting many control systems from a variety of Japanese manufacturers such as Fuji, Fanuc, Okuma, Hitachi Seiki and many more.

This family (series) of Honda connector is a 20 Way connector with either crimp pins or receptacles. DNC also carries 34 way versions and 50 way such as the MR50L/MR50M/MR50F as well carrying limited stocks of the MR20L connector cases, if stock permits then we can supply.

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