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FANUC A98L-0001-0902

  • Panasonic 2 Cell 6V Battery Pack
  • Alt p/n: A06B-6073-K001
  • Alt p/n: A06B-6073-K005
  • Alt p/n: A02B-0130-K101
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Fanuc A98L-0001-0902 Battery. (BRAND NEW). The Panasonic two cell 6 Volts Battery comes with JAE 2 pin connector allowing connection to your Fanuc ALPHA servo module and BETA unit using absolute feedback via various Fanuc ABS encoders. These are Battery cells which are genuine Panasonic and will run for the prescribed Fanuc Battery replacement period.

DNC supplies OEM Batteries for Fanuc ALPHA SVM, SVU, SVUC and Beta SVU including I/O link versions. Dimensions: 55x52MM with alternate codes: A98L00010902/01, A98L00010902/02, A98L00010902/03. Fanuc also use a catalogue number of A06B-6073-K001 Battery A06B-6073-K005, A02B-0130-K101 and others which are listed in the various maintenance manuals that covered the 1st generations of ALPHA and BETA servo amplifiers.

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