FANUC A02B-0265-C101

  • Contains A90L-0001-0385#C * 2
  • Fine Ace 20 109D0424H6D13
  • Fan Dimensions: 40 * 40 * 20
  • Battery on 15i, 16i, 18i, 0i, 1 Slot i CNC.
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Fanuc A02B-0265-C101 fan used within Fanuc CNC controls. This fan is comprised of 2 fans (A90L-0001-0385#C) fitted into a Fan Unit. The Fan Unit Battery in 1 slot cabinet which is 60MM wide control unit. The fans themselves (Sanyo Denki DC Fine Ace 20: 109D0424H6D13) do not have individual connectors but terminate in a shared (common) connector which slots into the backplane of the Fanuc control. DNC supply the complete Fan Unit due to the cabled common connector between the two fans. This unit is used in many Fanuc controls, such as the 15i, 16i, 18i single slot stand alone units, not the behind LCD CNC’s or 2 slot i series which were far more prevalent with the advent of the i Series Fanuc controls.

A sample of systems this Fan Unit is fitted in are 18i-LNA (A02B-0266-B501), 16i-MB, 0i-TB (A02B-0303-B801) etc.

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