FANUC A90L-0001-0422

  • NMB-MAT 3106KL-05W-B59
  • Dimensions: 80*80*15
  • Fan on ALPHA modules
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Fanuc A90L-0001-0422 fan. Fitted inside many Fanuc ALPHA spindle power amplifiers, supply modules and servo units. This fan was originally fitted as a Panaflo FBA-08T24H and fitted in units from 15kW and larger. This Fanuc spare is in stock our version is the NMB-MAT 3106KL-05W-B59 with connector. This cooling fan fits in various wider Fanuc ALPHA series modules and units; 6077, 6078, 6079, 6082, 6083, 6087, 6088, 6090, 6092, 6096, 6102, 6104 and more. Note most 6077, 6078, 6082, 6090, 6096 amplifiers are not wide enough for this fan!

DNC can either supply the fan if your certain it is indeed the fan at fault. Or can offer an exchange Fanuc ALPHA power supply, spindle module or servo module if the fan is not causing the problems, etc.

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