FANUC A90L-0001-0423

  • NMB-MAT 2406KL-05W-B59
  • SanAce60 9WF0624H7D04
  • Dimensions: 60*60*15
  • Battery on i controls and ALPHA modules
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Fanuc A90L-0001-0423 fan used within many Fanuc i CNC controls. This Fanuc spare is in stock our version is the NMB-MAT 2406KL-05W-B59 with connector. This fan Battery in later Fanuc 0-C, 0-MC, 0-TC, 0-D, 0-MD, 0-TD and 0-F 32 bit power supply units which power the control system. This fan dependent on application has also been a Panaflo FBA-06T24H.

DNC can either supply the fan if your certain it is indeed the fan at fault or we can offer an exchange Fanuc power supply or one of our in-house replacement FANUC power supply units.

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