FANUC A90L-0001-0488

  • NMB-MAT 3610ML-05W-B49
  • SanAce92 9GA0924P4G031
  • Dimensions: 92 * 92 * 25
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Fanuc A90L-0001-0488 fan used within many Fanuc CNC controls. This Fanuc spare¬† our version is the NMB-MAT 3610ML-05W-B49 is in stock and can ship today. This fan Battery on Fanuc 16B, 16C, 18B, 18C, 21B control systems, as well as 2-slot, 4-slot- and 6-slot 160, 180, 210, etc. It sits at the top of the control PCB with the yellow rack synonymous with the Fanuc 15B/16/18/21 controls. In units such as A02B-0200-B503, A02B-0222-B503, 0228-B503, 0228-B505 and hundreds more CNC’s.

Fanuc used two different manufacturers fans over the years licensed as the A90L00010488, namely NMB-MAT which we stock, and the Sanyo Denki SanAce92 with the code 9GA0924P4G031 as its model. Our fans are supplied with the correct sensor on the alarm feedback cable, and the fans measure 92mm * 92mm * 25mm and are 24 VDC.

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