FANUC A90L-0001-0552#A

  • SanAce60WF 9WF0624H7D05A
  • Sanyo Denki DC24V / 0.11A Cartridge
  • Dimensions: 60*60*15
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Fanuc A90L-0001-0552#A fan used within Fanuc CNC controls. This Fanuc spare  our version is the NMB-MAT 1608VL-05W-B49 is in stock and can ship today. This fan Battery on Fanuc 0i-MD, 0i-TD control systems, and other later i series mounted behind the LCD. It sits at the top of the control PCB within the yellow case with the smaller 0551#A fan. Its fitted in A03B-0319-B502 and  more CNC’s.

Fanuc used two different manufacturers of fans over the years Minebea and Sanyo Denki. This fan A90L00010552#A is off the SanAce60WF 9WF-624H7D05A with a special Fanuc cartridge system allowing easy installation. Our fans are supplied with the correct sensor on the alarm feedback cable, and the fans measure 60mm * 60mm * 15mm and are DC24V / 0.11A

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