FANUC A02B-0200-K100

  • Fuse pack for Power Supply Unit
  • A60L-0001-0245/GP75
  • A60L-0001-0046/5.0
  • A60L-0001-0075/3.2

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Fanuc A06B-0200-K100 fuse pack. This pack of three fuses are for a variety of different FANUC POWER SUPPLY UNITS from many different controls. The package of fuses include A60L-0001-0245/GP75, A60L-0001-0046/5.0 and lastly A60L-0001-0075/3.2 slow blow. All fuses are green two belonging too 125VAC class, and the other to 250VAC input. If you require these fuses seperately click here for the link to our FANUC fuse stocks.

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