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Daito MP32

  • Fanuc A60L-0001-0046#3.2
  • 2.3amp, 250V, small Green Fuse
  • Used in Fanuc, Fuji, Okuma, Mitsubishi

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A60L-0001-0046#3.2 / MP32

Fanuc A60L-0001-0046#3.2 Daito 3.2 amp Fuse for Fanuc parts. The A60L00010046#3.2 is a green fuse a flag alarm indicator currently for sale. DNC try to carry extensive stocks of fuses whether alarm or clearup manufactured by Daito, Fuji, Hinaode, Kyosan and many other manufacturers.

For Fanuc parts including Fanuc power supplies, input power units, main control boards, fuses for robot controls and various drive / amplifier units. Dimensions are: 17mm * 6mm * 19mm.

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