FANUC A06B-6079-H101

  • ALPHA A06B6079H101 Servo in stock
  • Same Day, 24 hour repair possible
  • Contains A16B-2202-0480
  • Fault diagnosis, testing on SVM-1-12
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Fanuc A06B-6079-H101 servo amplifier module. This GE Fanuc ALPHA SVM-12 servo amp is used within very small sized CNC machine tools or Robots, etc. This 12amp drive controls ALPHA model a1/3000, a2/2000 servo motors. Fitted with the stardard control pcb for this drive, and A16B-2202-0480 wiring board. Neither control board or power card are available seperately.

A06B6079H101 is in stock available exchange for immediate ship today. Full testing services are available on this drive, as well as our standard 24 hour repair turnaround service. Further we supply parts such as IPM transistor modules, fans, fuses and batteries for absolute feedback. Contact us for availability and prices on this SVM1-12 amplifier.

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