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Fanuc A06B-6096-H107 Servo Amplifier Module SVM1-240. This ALPHA FSSB interfaced (Fanuc Serial Servo Bus) single channel servo amp was used seldom in CNC machines. Normally fitted on large X axis or vertical axes on the machine tool that required significant power.

Like many of the ALPHA series drives, these A06B6096H107 ran in combination with other FSSB amplifiers and spindle modules, powered by a very high powered PSM. Collectively they were powered from a succession of controls namely the 16i/18i/21i from the A and B generations.

This 240 amp drive ran on bigger machines normally driving motors such a50/2000 and above. A pair together could run very large AC servo motors though this involved a lot of switching. This drive contains its own power or wiring board and its own control PCB  which we do not supply seperate to the complete drive.

The A06B6096H107 is in stock ready to ship worldwide today. Warranty is 180 days on exchange and repair; as a result extensive inspection, testing and diagnostic services are available. Check our Fanuc servo amplifier module alarms which relate to this SVM1-240 drives also.

If you require information on stock, prices, alarm codes on your drive, testing facilities and repair turnaround times on your A06B-6096-H107; contact us.

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