FANUC A06B-6096-H301

  • ALPHA A06B6096H301 in stock
  • Same Day / 24 hour repair possible
  • Model SVM3-12/12/12 servo amplifier
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Fanuc A06B-6096-H301 Servo Amplifier Module is in stock. This servo drive uses FSSB interface (fanuc servo serial bus) to communicate with the CNC. This triple axis inverter is normally found on electro discharge machines or Fanuc’s own machins such as robocuts and akin. As a result the machines will either use L, M and N channel usually relabed on the machine dependent on the applicaton.

These amplifiers are normally found with 16/18/21i model A or model B control systems with designations such as Fanuc Series 16i-MA, 16i-TA, 18i-MA, 18i-TA, 21i-MA and 21i-TA. Very seldeom these drives with the rest of the first release of the FSSB interfaced amplifiers across 6093, 6096 and 6097 (BETA, ALPHA and ALPHA HV repsectively) were fitted on model B i controls.

These 6096 servo amplifiers ranany of the following servo motor models a1/3000, a2/2000 and a2/3000 from the ALPHA motor range. At DNC we offere parts for these amplifiers such as fuses, IPM transistor modules, fans and more.

As stated above the A06B-6096-H301 is in stock. As a result DNC can ship this part out today; due to a lack of stock we supply these drives on a service exchange basis. If the fault or alarm code is not straight forward and points to multiple potential causes then by all means sent the amplifier to us to inspect and test. Check our Servo alarm code lists or call us to arange test, repair or to order an exchange SVM3-12/12/12 amplifier.

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