FANUC A06B-6096-H304

  • ALPHA A06B6096H304 in stock
  • Same Day Test / 24 hour repair possible
  • Model SVM3-20/20/20 servo module
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Fanuc A06B-6096-H304 ALPHA Servo Amplifier Module. This SVM3-20/20/20 FSSB triple axis drive features L, M and N channels corresponding to various axis on the machine tool depependent on deployment. By far the most popular of the triple channel FSSB servo amplifiers; we try to ensure that we always have stock for immediate shipping at DNC.

Contact us if require exchange module, and if you are not sure then send your servo amplifier for clean and inspection. Offering various functional testing of either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd axis or altogether checking for intermittent or permanent faults. We also supply external cooling fans, batteries for absolute feedback, transistor modules if we can spare from our own repair needs and various plastic caps for the terminals.

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