FANUC A06B-6070-H003

  • E Series A06B6070H003 Repair
  • Same Day, 24 hour repair possible
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Fanuc A06B-6070-H003 ALPHA Servo Amplifier Unit. This GE Fanuc E series Servo amp is used within very small sized CNC machine tools or Robots, etc. This generation was the first of the ALPHA Servo modules, badged as Fanuc thou sold through GE Fanuc also. Its a single axis control amplifier and normally runs with aE1 and aE2 model ALPHA E Servo motors. DNC offer several services for the E Series SVU1-4 including testing and repair.

The A06B-6070-H003 is currently not in stock. Hence all that is offered is full testing facilities and repair, rebuild and refurbished of your original unit. DNC offer a 180 day warranty on your E Series SVU-4 Servo drive. DNC does carry other models of E Series amplifiers such as the H005, and offer repair/testing for H004. If you require any assistance about our services please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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