FANUC A06B-6090-H244

  • ALPHA A06B6090H244 in stock
  • Same Day / 24 hour repair possible
  • Fault diagnosis, testing on SVUC2-40/40
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Fanuc A06B-6090-H244 ALPHA Servo Amplifier Unit SVUC2-40/40. This SVUC [alpha series] dual axis drive can either interface using the Serial TYPE-B or via the digital int. from its non ALPHA predecessor. The 6090-H244 is a SVUC2-40/40 twin channel amplifier for smaller applications for CNC machine tools or on larger Fanuc Robots. The two axis 6090-H244 ALPHA C Servo was controlled via Fanuc control systems. This version of the C Series [ALPHA] drove either the model a6 or a12 motors or the original S series if replacing a C Series Servo. DNC offer several services for the SVUC2-40/40 including exchange, repair, surplus parts, such as transistors, and stock permitting complete used surplus Fanuc alpha Servo units.

The A06B6090H244 SVUC is in stock, warranty is 180 days on exchange and repair, normally the SVUC2-40/40 drives the following Fanuc Servo motors A6/3000, A12/2000, think Exchange for speed (delivery same day or the fastest possible route to your factory) and repair if cost is more important than time considerations.

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