FANUC A06B-6082-H206

  • ALPHA SPMC-5.5 in stock
  • A06B6082H206#H510
  • A06B6082H206#H511
  • A06B6082H206#H512
  • A06B6082H206 special MAKINO
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Fanuc A06B-6082-H206 ALPHA C Spindle Module SPMC-5.5. We offer several services on this Fanuc C spindle , including exchange, repair, parts, such as transistors, and plastic spindle cases. The C spindle does not use a feedback sensor in the motor known as the aC versions series 0842 of Fanuc ALPHA spindle motors. Note: there are 3 versions denoted by #H510, #H511, #H512; they are the standard H206 with different software and not interchangeable. Further there are special variant’s modified by Fanuc after manufacture for machine tool builders such as Makino. If you have one of these special units call us.

The A06B6082H206 is in stock available as exchange, however we can offer repair on this if cost is more important than time considerations.

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