FANUC A06B-6082-H211

  • ALPHA A06B6082H211 Spindle in stock
  • A06B-6082-H211#H510
  • A06B-6082-H211#H511
  • A06B-6082-H211#H512
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Fanuc A06B-6082-H211 spindle amplifier module. This GE Fanuc ALPHA SPMC series spindle power amp fits on lower end machines. Note: there are 3 versions denoted by A06B6082H211#H510, A06B6082H211#H511, A06B6082H211#H512; these are incompatible with each other. The H211 of SPMC-11 drives aC6 or aC8 model spindle motors. This particular drive includes A20B-2001-0781 control pcb and the A16B-2202-0682 power board. Neither of these boards are available seperately.

A06B6082H211 is in stock. DNC offer several services on this aC spindle, including exchange, testing, fault finding and our standard 24 hour repair. Further we also sell surplus parts inclusive of transistors, cooling fans, fuses and stock permitting complete SPMC-11 modules. If you wish to order from us please contact us and let us know the software version #H510, #H511, #H512. Normally all versions are in stock available for immediate shipping today.

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