FANUC A06B-6102-H130#H520

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  • Same Day / 24 hour repair possible
  • SPM-30, 35kW, #H520 software
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Fanuc A06B-6102-H130 ALPHA Spindle Module. GE Fanuc SPM-30 type I spindle amp is commonly fitted in many larger CNC machines. This unit has additional port beyond Type 2 interface spindles, for more sensor feedback systems. This 35kW spindle amplifier module drives high speed model a15/10000, or a22/8000 or P series motors such as the aP40/6000 series. DNC offer several services on this Fanuc spindle amplifier. Including exchange we supply you a refurb tested module and you ship back your faulty module in economically repairable and non interfered condition. If speed of delivery is not important consideration then we offer extensive repair facilities with our standard 24 hour repair turnaround.

A06B6102H130#H520 is in stock. Contact us to order the service exchange drive, or to discuss prices what testing, fault diagnosis and repair facilities.

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