FANUC A20B-1006-0487

  • SPM-22 drives in stock
  • A06B-6102-H222 22kW Type I
  • ALPHA spindle amp wiring PCB.
  • This board is not supplied separately



Fanuc A20B-1006-0487 ALPHA Spindle Module Wiring PCB. This PCB is normally fitted in SPM series modules. This board is fitted on 22kW 200 VAC spindle power amplifier drive normally powered from similar kW power supply modules (PSM) and running with a variety of different ALPHA servo modules (SVM) configurations.

NOTE: DNC do not offer A20B10060487 alpha spindle power boards separately from the complete spindle module (SPM). There are many reasons, but the most important is we offer a complete unit intact with the control PCB and the wiring PCB and fully tested by ourselves on our Fanuc test rigs with a 180 day warranty. If you require a complete 22kW click here ALPHA  spindle module, otherwise put your part number in the search bar above.

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