FANUC A06B-6093-H112

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  • SVU1-20 FSSB Servo Unit
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Fanuc A06B-6093-H112 BETA servo amplifier unit. These single channel GE Fanuc SVU-20 FSSB servo amp has a rated output of 5.9 amps and used in small CNC machine tool applications. As part of the first generation of BETA units, this along with the rest of the series replace the smaller low end AC servo amplifiers of yesteryear. This particular amplifier is rated at 20A, though powers small b2/3000 or b3/3000 servo motors.

What makes this BETA series so varied is the three different communication and control interfaces back to the CNC. There are PWM (pulse width modulation), FSSB of which this unit is part of (Fanuc serial servo bus) and I/O Link.  As with the ALPHA equivalent; the FSSB interfaced BETA servo amp is the first too communicate and be controlled by the CNC using this proprietry Fanuc comms.

At DNC we normally carry the A06B6093H112 in stock. All exchange or repaired servo units carry warranty on a return to base or warranty exchange basis dependent on sale type. Alternatively we offer extensive testing solutions for these amplifiers and matching BETA servo motors; irrelavent of interface (we can test them all). Testing and repair is available on a same day , 24 hour turnaround basis respectively. Same day can be arranged if parts are not in stock; though must be agreed upon previously.

If you are unsure that the Fanuc BETA A06B-6093-H112 is faulty then why not consult our BETA servo unit alarms


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