FANUC A06B-6134-H313#D

  • BETA A06B6134H313#D
  • Same Day Test, 24 hour repair possible
  • biSVSP-40/40/80-15i
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Fanuc A06B-6134-H313#D BiSVPM-40/40/80-15i BETA Servo / Spindle Amplifier Module. This unit was a latter release of the earlier SVSM3 BETA combo units release in 2008. Further its capable of running from later controls such as the 31i, as well the 0i-D, 0i-D. It’s triple channel servo amplifier and 15Kw spindle drive unit, for powering a small or machining centre. This generation was part of the second wave of BETA combo amplifiers released. Fanuc FA CNC first effort at a combined multi axis servo with integrated spindle amp, allowing for a cheaper drive unit for less demanding machine tools.

The 6134-H313#D is normally a repair item, warranty is 180 days on exchange and repair. The SVPM3-15i drives 3 * Fanuc Bis series servo motors Bis12 or Bis22 and BETA 15i spindle motor.

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