FANUC A20B-2101-0025

  • BETA Triple axis 15kW power PCB
  • Fitted in A06B-6134 biSVSP drives
  • Complete 6134 Exchange or Repair
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Fanuc A20B-2101-0025 BETA Servo / Spindle Combo Unit (biSVSP) power board. This combination drive is a triple axis running upto model b12 size servo motors running up to a 15kW spindle motor as a model b8iLP series or something of similar kW rating. DNC carry several of the triple axis units in stock, with #A and #C if required.

DNC only supply the complete A06B-6134 series BETA unit which contains the A20B21010022. We do not supply the control PCB separately. Click here if you require Fanuc BETA A06B-6134-H303#A, or the A06B-6134-H303#C or type your Fanuc part number in the search bar above.

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