Fanuc A20B-1000-0220 with 180 Day Warranty

  1. Exchange A20B-1000-0220 in stock
  2. A20B10000220 24 hour repair possible
  3. Fault diagnosis, testing on 6047 series.
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A20B-1000-0220 A16B-1200-0230 paired Fanuc axis control board for the Fanuc DC velocity unit VCU. These boards are from the last DC generation of Fanuc dual axis command pcbs in which DNC can offer immediate service exchange – shipping out today to anywhere in the world, as well as offer full testing and repair services upon the pair A20B-1000-0220 and A16B-1200-0230 Fanuc axis boards.

The metal base units from the DC VCU series are also supported by DNC, as well as transistor modules and fuses. Note: these boards come as a pair – DNC do not separate the twin DC dual pcbs.

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