FANUC A16B-1200-0720

  • S A16B-1200-0720 Servo PCB
  • Same Day Test / 24 hour repair
  • Dual Axis Board on 6058
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Fanuc A16B-1200-0720 AC servo control board for the Fanuc S Series AC Servo Unit. This 1st generation of the S series dual axis (channel) board is in stock fully tested. This is Fanuc’s move away from the metal chassis axis / servo amplifiers and this board digitally interfaces with Fanuc controls. Normally this drive ran with digital 0-B controls, 16bit digital 0-C and rarely early 15 controllers. DNC offer immediate service exchange, fault finding, testing and full repair facilities for the A16B-1200-0720 Fanuc servo boards.

The small dual axis drive base units from the S series are also supported by DNC, as well as transistor modules and fuses. DNC also carry extensive stocks of parts to rebuild the units due to oil ingression and/or age related deterioration.

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