FANUC A20B-1005-0050

  • Exchange C Series drives in stock
  • A06B-6066-H211 dual axis servo amp
  • This board is not supplied separately
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Fanuc A20B-1005-0050 wiring pcb. This C series power pcb is fitted on a small dual axis SV servo units. This board is a combined power and control board with onboard PSU fitted. Three daughter firing (driver) pcb’s are fitted for the AC servo amplifier drive units.

We do not offer A20B10050050 C series wiring board separately from the complete twin axis SV servo amplifier unit capable of running two 4-0S servo motors. There are many reasons, but the most important is we offer a complete unit intact with the control pcb and the wiring pcb and fully tested by ourselves on our Fanuc test rigs. Click here if you require a A06B-6066-H211 C series amplifier unit, or put your Fanuc part number in the search bar above.

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