FANUC A06B-6057-H015

  • AC Digital A06B6057H015 in stock
  • Same day 24 hour repair possible
  • 20S/1500 Servo Amplifier Unit
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Fanuc A06B-6057-H015 AC Servo Amplifier Unit.  This digital servo amp was utilised with small to medium CNC machine tools, DNC offer exchange units for immediate services, same day and 24 hour turnaround on the 6057-H015 Fanuc axis drive, new parts, such as A16B-1200-0670 servo control boards, fuses, transistors, Used surplus Fanuc H015 drives are available now.

The A06B6057H015 is in stock, and used to power Fanuc model 20S/1500 motor series and is available as exchange, however we can offer repair on this drive if time, and cost are considered. If you have found yourselves on the wrong page – but still need info on our services and stock for the A06B-6057 series Fanuc AC Servo Amp or for other Fanuc Servo Drives.

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