FANUC A06B-6044-H039

  • Exchange A06B-6044-H039 in stock
  • A06B6044H039 24 hour repair possible
  • Fault diagnosis, testing on M-15
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Fanuc A06B-6044-H039 AC Spindle Drive Unit. This analog model 15Kw spindle amplifier was used within mid sized machine tools of the CNC industry. DNC don’t normally stock this spindle unit for immediate supply. Hence DNC can offer fault diagnosis, inspection, repair / rebuild and testing facilities. As well same day and 24 hour turnaround repairs on the A06B6044H039 Fanuc spindle drive. Further DNC also offer new and refurbished parts for this drive series; including the A20B-0009-0530 spindle drive control pcb, clear-up and Diato fuses, transistor modules. If stock permits complete used surplus Fanuc A06B-6044-H039 drives.

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