FANUC A06B-6060-H012

  • I Series A06B6060H012 Spindle in stock
  • Same Day / 24 hour repair possible
  • Fault diagnosis, testing on 12I motors
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Fanuc A06B-6060-H012 AC Spindle Amplifier Drive.  This 12I spindle amp is part of the seldom fitted I Series digital spindle amplifier units. This particular 12i series spinde drive was fitted with the A20B-1003-0300 spindel control pcb and 120 amp transistor modules which are also available. Normally drives model 8i spindle motors. The series that this drive belongs too is the precursor to the ALPHA spmc, AiC, etc.

A06B6060H012 is in stock available exchange for immediate shipping. However we can offer repair on this drive if time, and cost are more important than speed. Call for pricing on the drive, control pcb or transistor modules or help diagnosing the faults on your drive.

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