FANUC A50L-0001-0221

  • FUJI 2MBI150FB-060
  • Fitted in AC Serial Spindles.
  • Hitachi A50L-1-0221

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FANUC A50L-0001-0221 transistor module. These modules were specifically made for FANUC under licence by FUJI with their version 2MBI150FA-060 and Hitachi A50L-1-0221. These were in a similar package as the non IGBT transistor modules that proceeded them. Normally fitted in FANUC AC serial spindle amplifiers S & P type drives. These igbt’s are 150 amp 600 volt transistor module and were fitted in 6kW upto 26kW spindle drives. We carry limited stocks of these transistors, so call if you require these or need information about the drives that they are fitted in as the power boards and the control pcb’s can fault as well. Alt p/n A50L00010221

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